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Date:2010-11-24 07:47
Subject:Got a Snarry drabble!

Got a lovely Snarry drabble from [info]swtalmnd. Go, read it, and leave some love, please?

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Date:2008-07-31 07:47
Subject:Received an art! / Rajzot kaptam!

[info]majmunka drew a Snarry for [info]stormbird and me, 'cause we guessed her [info]hp_wankfest art. NWS, NC17, Title: Loving touch. It's delicious!

[info]majmunka rajzolt egy Snarry-t [info]stormbird-nek és nekem, mert kitaláltuk, melyik volt az Ő rajza [info]hp_wankfest-en. NC17, munkában inkább ne nézd meg.

Link to her IJ:

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